Trust Aims and Objectives

The Aims of The Tarka Learning Partnership are to:

  • Work in genuine partnership to empower schools, including faith schools and their communities;
  • Foster a culture of positive challenge and continual school improvement;
  • Provide a common sense of purpose with a focus on outstanding leadership and teaching & learning;
  • Offer an excellent learning experience including where relevant high quality faith provision, so that every young person fulfils their potential;
  • Strive to support in particular those young people and their families who are vulnerable;
  • Encourage a rich, dynamic and purposeful range of learning opportunities for all young people;
  • Develop life-enhancing values so that young people leave school with a sense of self-worth and a determination to succeed.

The Specific Objectives are to:

  • Foster school communities where staff, young people and parents are committed to a collective vision including where relevant a faith vision;
  • Focus energies and resources on improving the quality of school leadership and teaching & learning;
  • Develop collaborative working practices to provide economies of scale and shared use of resources which benefit all;
  • Support each school/partner to recruit and develop staff of the highest quality;
  • Develop strong governance arrangements which both challenge and support school leadership;
  • Generate effective collaboration between Members, Trustees and Schools and key stakeholders to prepare our young people for the workplace and life-long learning;
  • Develop robust and sustainable financial management systems;
  • Adopt systematic and effective strategic planning processes which generate aspirational targets;
  • Establish strong data management systems to facilitate the monitoring of challenging targets;
  • Embed a life-long learning ethos in our extended communities;
  • Support and improve the life chances of all young people, in particular vulnerable groups. (Disadvantaged groups, EAL, SEND, more able/talented pupils and their families.)