Vision and Values

At Tarka Learning Partnership we invest in a clear set of values to help meet our vision of:

Together Empowering Aspiration and Learning for our Local Community.’

Tarka Learning Partnership’s Values

Aspiration: We promote the love of learning and empower young people and staff to raise their aspirations through challenge, effective partnership, training celebrating achievement and support for all, regardless of background and individual need.

Equality: We support vulnerable individuals and groups within our community and champion inclusion, diversity and equality of opportunity.

Pupil and Staff Well-Being: We ensure all staff and young people are given the appropriate training, opportunities, support and care, being aware of the impact of our expectations to promote well-being for all and sense of belonging to their local community.

Safeguarding: We champion the highest standards of safeguarding through a commitment by all, to our young people.

Teaching and Learning: We strive for a high quality learning culture in every school, through the development of teaching and learning and a holistic approach to school improvement through collaboration, connecting Trust wide strategies whilst valuing the individuality, innovation and vision of each school.

Learning Environment: We commit to the development of a high quality, challenging and supportive learning environment in each school, which is responsive to the needs of the local context, the needs of the young people and the wider world.

Values: We ensure openness, honesty, respect, tolerance and integrity in all we do.

Community: We invest in the young people and families of our local area through connecting education and the needs of our local communities.

Support Services: We will ensure together that we deliver high quality strategies to schools, so that staff and pupils can focus on the provision of high quality teaching and learning and achieve a successful work-life balance.

Outlook: We contribute to, reflect, respond and adapt to the changing world and its impact on education, regionally, nationally and globally.