Trust Vision

‘Together Empowering Aspiration and Learning for North Devon’

Our mission… ‘Empowering Learning’

The Trust is committed to the development of a high quality learning community in North Devon, where all partners strive to provide high quality education/training and care to young people and staff.

Our Trust aims to be a positive, caring community in which each individual child, trainee, member of staff and school/partner is valued and respected. We endeavour to empower each school/partner to develop a high quality learning environment through collaborative working to empower young people, trainees and staff to embrace learning for life.

The Vision of the Tarka Learning Partnership​ (TLP)

Aspiration: We promote the love of learning and empower young people to raise their aspirations through challenge, effective partnership, celebrating achievement and support for all, regardless of background and individual need. ​

Equality: We support vulnerable individuals and groups within our community and embrace both diversity and equality of opportunity.​

Pupil and Staff Well-Being: We ensure all staff and young people are given the appropriate training, support and care to promote well-being for all. ​

Safeguarding: We champion the highest standards of safeguarding through a commitment by all, to our young people.​

Teaching and Learning: We strive for a high quality learning culture in every school, through the development of teaching and learning, collaboration, leadership and governance, whilst valuing the individuality.​

Curriculum Innovation: We commit to the development of a high quality, challenging, broad and balanced curriculum which is responsive to the needs of young people and the wider world.​

Values: We ensure openness, honesty, respect, tolerance and integrity in all we do.​

Community: We invest in the young people and families of North Devon through connecting education and the needs of our local communities. ​

Support Services: We will ensure that we deliver high quality services to schools, so that staff can focus on the provision of high quality teaching and learning and achieve a successful work-life balance. ​

Outlook: We reflect, respond and adapt to the changing world and its impact on education, regionally, nationally and globally.