Newport Community School Primary Academy


“Nurturing every child’s wellbeing, self-esteem and moral development alongside their individual progress in all areas of the curriculum is what we strive for.” ​

Since 1986 children have enjoyed their formative years of education at this school. Previously the school was based at Cyprus Terrace before the move to new premises due to increasing numbers. In 2011, Newport Community School became an academy voted in favour for by the school community and in 2019 part of the Tarka Learning Partnership Multi Academy Trust.

Our uncompromising aim is to ensure provision of a curriculum that is rich and inspiring which promotes children to think deeply, accept challenge and develop the skills to persevere which will support every child’s personal growth and achievements.

Collaboration with the TLP

Working in partnership with the trust has opened up pathways of support and professional growth for all staff. The support is tailor made and focused for the local context and need. This in turn will positively impact on the quality of learning outcomes and provision for all children within the Trust schools.”

Laura Kies

Head teacher

Newport Community School Primary Academy

Head Teacher: Laura Kies

Chair of School Community Board: Kim Baker

Telephone: 01271 376252