Tarka Learning Partnership Trustees help support the Trust’s vision. There are people of all backgrounds and specialisms on the board. The Tarka Learning Partnership Trustees are all volunteers. The Charity Commission defines Trustees as the people responsible for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.

The Trustees are responsible for the same three core governance functions performed by the governing body in a maintained school:

  • setting the direction (Strategy);
  • holding the CEO to account;
  • ensuring financial probity.

As charity Trustees, they must also ensure that they are complying with charity law requirements. Academy trusts are charitable companies and the Trustees are company Trustees and must comply with company law requirements. Trustees will support the Trust’s leadership team to deliver quality education, ensure value for money and that processes and procedures are in place, monitored and followed, to achieve this.

Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the Trust operates with regularity, propriety and value for money, using only the resources it has available.

Any Trustee vacancies will be listed on our Current Vacancies page.

Core Competencies

Trustees work strategically with experience of leadership at senior management or Trustee level.

The model articles state that the Chair of the Board of Trustees will also be a Member, thereby ensuring a link between the two layers of Governance.

Trustees make a difference to the life chances of children and young people in North Devon as part of a group of schools, which sit at the heart of their communities. The role of Trustee is challenging, but also rewarding. In giving something back to the community, Trustees develop a range of both new and existing skills, receiving free training and opportunities for professional development.

Board of Trustee meetings are held at Roundswell Community Primary. There is approximately eight meetings a year, each being 3 hours maximum. Trustees are also expected to visit schools within the Trust, while it is open to pupils, at least 3 times per year.

The Tarka Learning Partnership is committed to the highest standards of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and all Trustees are expected to share this commitment. Trustees require an enhanced DBS check.

If you are interested in joining the board of Trustees, please get in touch with us via our Contact page. There are two Trustees on the Board with approval from the Diocese of Exeter. Anyone who has one of the nominated skill sets and has an understanding and support for Church of England education and values should state their background on the form.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the Trustees are to:

  • Develop the Trust’s vision and strategy
  • Establish a culture of high educational standards, which promotes staff and pupil wellbeing
  • Ensure all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Monitor provision for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities
  • Monitor educational performance of the Trust’s academies, using a range of data sources
  • Ensure stakeholders (parents, pupils, staff and the local community) are informed and consulted as appropriate
  • Approve the budget for the academy Trust, and where relevant, for academies within the Trust
  • Monitor and evaluate the Trust’s financial performance
  • Approve and review school policies, and hold staff to account for their implementation
  • Ensure the Trust is compliant with legal requirements, including that all statutory policies and documents are in place
  • Carry out the appointment and performance management of the Executive Principal
  • Monitor and evaluate the Trust’s staffing structure(s)
  • Monitor health and safety in the academy/across the Trust
  • In a multi-academy Trust, work with those involved in local academy governance, supporting and holding them to account.