Primary Subject Leader Programme

For many years Primary Teachers have been given a role to lead a subject for their school but with little support or training to do so. This year-long programme takes subject leaders through all of the practical elements needed to lead your subject well and feel confident in meeting the demands of an Ofsted deep dive. This can be paid out of your apprenticeship levy.

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The Primary Subject Leader Programme is a practice -based programme designed to support developing and new subject leaders. It will focus on their leadership, of their subject, in their setting, thereby increasing confidence in their role and reducing workload.

Equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of practical subject leadership approaches.

Subject leaders are confident in developing high standards within their subject and securely prepared to meet the demands of an Ofsted deep dive.

  • 12 monthly half day (pm) face to face sessions
  • Gap tasks focused on work the subject leader will be doing in school and supported by resources and formats provided by the programme to effectively carry out their role.
  • Half termly coaching sessions to support how their leadership and subject are developing.
  • Online reading, templates and forums to support in- school work.

“As a subject leader new to the role, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start and where to go next with your subject. The course looks at different parts of the subject leader role and lays out what and how things need to be done. A great aspect of the course is the opportunity it provides to meet with subject leads from other schools. It is so helpful to be able to discuss the course with like-minded individuals, share ideas and advice and gain an insight into how subject leaders are working in different schools. Being part of this course, we have continued access to support and guidance and are given the opportunity to raise concerns/discuss aspects of our role at each session. Through individual coaching sessions, we are also given tailored advice specific to our school/subject.” Laura, Geography Lead

‘I have found the primary subject leadership programme an engaging and comprehensive programme. I feel well supported and guided in the monthly face to face and coaching sessions. The content and progression of the apprenticeship is clearly and effectively taught with gap tasks that allow reflection and application of the sessions studied to my work in school. I am developing a clear and concise understanding of subject leadership, recognising the key elements in curriculum and subject design, intent, implementation and impact’. Emily, Science Lead.



Face to Face sessions (with time built in to complete work)

  1. Auditing Subjects
  2. Personal Leadership Development Planning
  3. Creating a Vision/ Intent for your subject
  4. Subject Development Planning
  5. Establishing high quality features of subject Teaching and Learning
  6. Using progression statements to develop high quality curriculum design.
  7. Team development planning – leading CPD and subject knowledge.
  8. Effective Monitoring : planning, teaching, learning outcomes, adapting plans, challenging conversations
  9. Data analysis & Assessment
  10. Evaluating subject development plans and reporting to SLT/Governors.
  11. Preparing for Ofsted Deep Dives
  12. Reviewing Leadership Development