Support Staff in Tarka Learning Partnership

The support team are the backbone to any organisation.  We know that in successful schools education, pastoral and business professionals work together to deliver high quality learning environments.

Support Roles

All our schools have a dedicated team of support staff who are committed to delivering outstanding outcomes for our pupils, working with our teachers to provide the highest standards of education and ensuring our schools are well managed.

Learning support

Our learning support staff work alongside teachers to enhance our pupils’ learning experience.  Providing group and one to one support to address barriers to learning, our teaching assistants are vital to the delivery of our ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum.

Specialist and technical support

Our specialist and technical staff support the delivery of science, art, technology and IT, making sure lessons are safe and resourced effectively.

Pupil support and welfare

Our pupil support team works with pupils and their families to ensure every child actively participates in learning and reaching their full potential.  Staff work to enhance attendance and behaviour and provide pastoral support to those experiencing disadvantage or difficulty.

Business administration

Our business administration team provides essential back-office services for the whole school.  Business staff are responsible for providing financial, HR and general administrative support within a school.  Together they play a crucial role in the day-to-day life of a school keeping everything running as smoothly as possible.

Estates and facilities

Our site supervisors, cleaners and catering team take responsibility for the maintenance and security of our school estate and the provision of essential facilities and services, creating a safe and healthy learning environment where our pupils can flourish.

In the Tarka Learning Partnership Trust, we are looking for support staff who:

  • Believe passionately it he potential of each of our children and young people.
  • Care deeply about the wellbeing of our children and our staff team.
  • Inspire others through their integrity, work ethic and professionalism.
  • Have the highest expectations of themselves and others.
  • Are really passionate and knowledgeable about their role.

In the Tarka Learning Partnership Trust, you will find an organisation that:

  • Is passionate about its vision of empowering young people in North Devon through learning.
  • Has fantastic standards of behaviour and commitment from pupils, staff and parents.
  • Has responsive and supportive leaders who allow you to fulfil your role to the best of your ability.
  • Has high ambitions for all and provides excellent opportunities for your professional development.
  • Puts the welfare of our pupils and staff team at the core of everything we do.

Work for us

If you are interested in joining the Tarka Learning Partnership staff team, search our latest vacancies for a role that suits your skills.  As a growing organisation, new roles are being advertised all the time, so if you don’t see what you are looking for now, check back at a later date.

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